East Greenwich Track Club

About Us

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Our Mission

The mission of the East Greenwich Track Club (EGTC) is to promote the health and physical fitness of youth and families in Rhode Island by encouraging participation in running and track and field events. By providing opportunities for the youth of our community to participate in these activities, the EGTC strives to support the traits of hard work, mental stamina, healthy life styles, and sportsmanship as well as a love for the sport.



The importance of exercise in maintaining good physical, mental, and social health cannot be overstated. America’s obesity epidemic and increasing prevalence of Type 2 diabetes need to be combated immediately, and offering running to youth can play an important role in making children physically healthier. Regular exercise has also been linked with increased brain function and improved cognitive skills thus helping children achieve better mental health. Running, while an individual sport, offers a great opportunity for children to make new friends and interact through non-electronic medium, giving children a great chance to grow socially.

The EGTC strongly believes excellence is a goal, not the standard. Every individual and athlete performs at various levels but each can succeed and reach their full potential with the proper resources, information, and support. Our goal and hope is to prepare each participant in our program for a future marked with self-confidence, integrity, a healthy lifestyle, and a sense of personal achievement. The EGTC aims to motivate young people to come out year after year and potentially develop a life long love for running.


Goals of the Organization

  • Promote healthy lifestyles in the community
  • Develop a summer running program for the youth of our community to help boys and girls who are interested in improving their physical fitness through organized track and field events
  • Provide a mechanism in which runners of all ages could participate as a team throughout the year at local and regional road races, cross country and track and field events
  • Host annual road races to provide runners in RI the opportunity to race in a local venue and to raise funds to support an annual summer track series at no cost to the participants
  • Develop a scholarship and grant program for local high school runners and school based running programs


Summer Track Series

A major focus of the EGTC is hosting a summer youth track series which provides track and field events to boys and girls ages 4-14. The program is free to all participants. Running is an activity that requires little personal cost other than a pair of sneakers and almost anyone can physically participate. Everyone gets to participate fully whether 1 or 400 children show up. And what other sport allows kids from such a wide age range to participate together!

Membership is open to youth from East Greenwich and surrounding communities. The Series consists of four weekly meets held at the East Greenwich High School track. Events include:

Through its weekly meets the EGTC summer track series:

  • Stresses fun and safety coupled with effective instruction
  • Promotes fitness, healthy lifestyle choices, fitness, and encourages a love of the sports
  • Exposes kids to track and field competition 
  • Provides information on exercise, training, diet, drills and tips for track and field athletes 

Events Include: 50, 100, 200 meter dash, 400 meter run, 800 meter run, 1 mile run, Relays, Long Jump, Turbo Javelin, Ball Toss


Annual 5K Road Races

In order to fully fund its annual Summer Track Series, the EGTC successfully hosted its first annual Bunny Hop 5K on April 14, 2012 at Goddard Park. This event attracted almost 400 runners who participated in the 5K road race, a one mile fun run and an egg hunt.

These road races not only promote the sport of running and increase community awareness of the EGTC; they provide the financial base so no child will ever be turned away from participating in EGTC events due to financial constraints.

In addition to providing funding for the Summer Track Series, the EGTC plans to use any additional funding from these races to offer scholarships to eligible East Greenwich Cross Country and Track & Field athletes. Other uses include funding grants to support running programs at both Cole Middle School and East Greenwich High School.